The 2017 Craft Guild of Dallas Board of Directors is very excited to present an outstanding slate of nominees for next year’s board.  Please read about them before casting your votes.  Thank you!

Suzy Badger


Suzy is currently owner of two UPS Store locations, employing 9 employees. Both locations are ranked among the top 10 UPS Stores in the D/FW area in shipping and printing. She was previously co-owner of B. Badger Studio, Inc., a commercial advertising photography studio with clients including Neiman Marcus, Nordstrom, Eddie Bauer, Mary Kay, and JCPenney. Suzy served as president of the Craft Guild board of directors from 2007 until 2011, which included the four-year process of negotiations, space design and coordination of the 2011 move to the Village on the Parkway location.


Karen Booher Pruett

Karen Booher-Pruitt.jpg

I have been a member of the Guild for approximately 9 years and have consistently taken metalsmithing classes during that time frame.  I am currently a stay-at-home mom to two boys (ages 3 and 6), and fill my free time with volunteering and creative work.  Prior to having children, I was a litigator.  I litigated a considerable number of cases in administrative, state, and federal court.  I also volunteered as heavily as my schedule would permit, including working on the Barristers for Babies committee of the Dallas Association of Young Lawyers (DAYL).  After my first year on the committee, we received an award from DAYL commending us for our committee's improvement and impact on the community.  While I no longer practice law, I continue to evaluate items in a fair and analytical manner and plan to continue that on the Guild board.  I love the Guild and plan to help us to return to growth and stability so we may flourish together.


Carla Lazar

Carla Lazar.jpg

I am a psychiatric nurse and psychotherapist by profession, and an addicted potter by avocation. I joined the Craft Guild in 1992, and have volunteered and taken classes in several departments since then. I have seen the value of the community the Guild provides for its members and students to grow and benefit, dare I say, psychologically as well as artistically. It’s a unique and valuable institution that I want to help grow.

I believe in the concept and mission of the Craft Guild and am enthusiastic about its continued growth. 



Linda Lubinsky

Lind Lubinsky.JPG

A little about myself: I’m an outgoing and very active 59-year-old daughter, wife (of 39 years), and mother of one son (age 30).  Born and raised in Michigan, I relocated to Dallas in 1987 with the company I had worked for since 1981. In 1992, I bought the company and employed an average of 35 women until selling it in 2008. After selling my business, I am happily retired and keep myself occupied with my glass fusing, stained/leaded glass work, and lamp working hobbies.

I’m an organized, persistent, hardworking individual. I am a leader, but I also value my ability to be supportive of administration and am an excellent team player. As the guild is preparing for its newest chapter, I would love to be part of the building process.


Melody Lynch

Melody Lynch.jpg

I have been a member of the Craft Guild and taken classes there for 10 years.  During that time, I served on the Board for 4 years under 3 different presidents, as vice president for 2 years, and as fill-in secretary at numerous times.  I have been on the Show Committee and was instrumental in rewriting/updating the Standing Rules as well as creating our Documents Retention Policy.  In my past life, I was a neonatal nurse/neonatal nurse practitioner for 35 years and also owned a retail embroidery business.  Due to these activities, I have learned how to prioritize, become more organized and to deal with many types of people in many - often stressful - situations.  Now that I am retired, I have more time to devote to the Guild.  I feel that all the above make me a good candidate for a board position but most important is that I am passionate about helping the Guild to rebuild, to become the wonderful learning facility it has been, and to work toward making it even better.

 Pat Martin

Pat Martin.JPG

I have been a member of the Guild for the last 15 years, frequently in leadership roles.  I managed the gallery for two years when the Guild was on Proton Road, and had successful shows for each department for student works.  The Gallery was successful: it made money as well as showcasing our students’ work.  I also restarted the Master Workshops program at Proton, organized the weekend workshops that were very successful, and organized a fundraiser for chairs for the metals and glass departments.   

I chaired the last two fall shows at Proton, and co-chaired four shows at our Village on the Parkway location.  The last fall show there was the most successful show and sale which the Guild has ever had.


Debora Note

Debora Note.jpg

I have been a member of the Craft Guild since 2006 when I began taking metals classes, and have since taken numerous classes and workshops.  I have been volunteering as the media relations person off and on since 2010, and have been either on the show committee or co-chair for the Spring and Fall Shows until 2017.  I am currently serving on the Board of Directors and have been for the past two years.