Fall I
Aug 27 - Oct 21
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Fall II
Oct 22 - Dec 16
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Bookbinding Studio

Got a family heirloom book needing repair or restoration? Interested in creating your own blank journals? Look no further! Our Bookbinding Studio is equipped with tools and supplies which have been used by bookbinders for centuries to bind their books.....presses, ploughs, guillotines, Quik Prints for gold-stamping titles, heavy duty cutters, and a nineteenth century letter press with hundreds of antique fonts. In fact, our working letter press is one of only six in the United States! Our expert instructors teach time honored and contemporary techniques in all beginner to advanced classes.  

The Craft Guild of Dallas' Bookbinding Studio has exciting tools and equipment to use and new students will be introduced to how to use, as well as maintain, them. Students are encouraged to bring original poetry or other written works to be used in a project. 

This structured class will introduce students to the necessary materials, supplies, resources and techniques involved in creating unique and beautiful books. Class projects include simple pamphlets, albums, and multi-section hardcover bindings. More experienced students will have an opportunity to explore advanced bookbinding, such as advanced case bindings using leather, and modern adaptations of non-adhesive bindings. Pursuit of individual interests is encouraged and developed through class and individual projects. 

Ideal for the developing binder, this class focuses on helping students increase awareness, skill, and independence in designing and executing bindings. Use of leather and knives is explored in depth through the creation of limp-leather, tight-back, millimeter, and leather case bindings. Students are encouraged to pursue independent projects with the instructor's one-on-one supervision.

For the experienced binder who wants to be challenged at a higher level, this class is largely based on your individual interests and projects. Here is the place to explore all of your ideas, which may not have been part of more traditional classes. You may also join in class projects oriented towards advancing your skills. Advanced techniques are taught through demonstration and lectures. Past group projects have included historical bindings and gold tooling.

Use a 19th century hand press with antique fonts.while you learn an overview of the traditional process of letterpress printing. Students will handset metal type, make up forms, mount the forms in chaises, mount the chaises in the press, ink the press up and print jobs as it has been done for hundreds of years. Students will come away with a deeper understanding of the printing process, and design and produce pieces such as invitations, announcements, or business cards. A small class will ensure individualized instruction and plenty of printing time. Students will print on our Chandler and Price Pilot Press, and have access to a wide collection of metal and wood type.