You Can Help!

From time to time each of our separate departments has things that are needed and we welcome you to specify just where you would like your donation to be used. Please check our 'Wish Lists' to see if there is somewhere that you could step in and help. You can designate your donation for one of these items by filling out the 'Special instructions' area on the donation page.

glass class.jpg

Glass Department

Currently the Glass department is in need of a Chilli Pepper Bead Annealer. Click here to find out more about this kiln!

O'Hara 1st project.jpg

Metals Department

Our Metals department is currently raising the funds to add direct gas and oxygen lines to each of the jewelry benches in both of the studios. A total of $12,000.00 is the expected price.

clay dept.jpg

Clay Department

The Clay department needs two of the Gleco HV 3.5 gallon trap kits for their sinks. These run $48.00 each.