Winter 2018
Jan 21 - Mar 10
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Spring 2018
Mar 11 - May 5
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Painting & Drawing Studio

Knowing the basic elements of good design impacts any artistic endeavor and creative process, regardless of the medium.  Learn techniques to put on paper what you visualize in your mind. Students find them invaluable as they work to solve both two- and three-dimensional design challenges in their clay, metal, and paper projects. Our knowledgable instructors will help you find new opportunities to express and challenge yourself.

MIXED MEDIA COLLAGE: This class explores modern and traditional collage techniques. We will look at all collage and assemblage techniques incorporating found objects, papers, print material and photo reproductions. This is an open class, all levels, all you need is a willingness to have fun and explore your creative side. Please bring anything you have that you want to collage with: papers, objects, photos, ribbons, shells or any other item you wish to use. Our first class will discuss supplies -- what you need and where to get it -- and what our goals will be.

ABSTRACT ART: This class explores color, shape, texture, line, design, imagery, energy and tension in your paintings. Abstract art does not depict objects in the natural world, but instead uses color and form in a non-representational way. The abstract art we will explore will be non-representational art and should be a very personal expression of your ideas and concepts. Please bring any acrylic or watercolor supplies you may have to class, such as brushes, canvas and watercolor papers.

DRAWING & DESIGN BASICS: Learn the skills that let you draw what you see by exploring the basics of line, shape, texture, and tone. This class will help you develop your ideas for projects from a working drawing, no matter what your medium is - clay, metals, glass, or paints. For the beginning to intermediate student, this is your opportunity to learn the basics and go from drawing stick figures to working through complex, three-dimensional design challenges with perspective and clarity.

A FOCUS ON WATERCOLOR PAINTING: Learn to handle the most delicate of mediums, the easiest to travel with, the freshest and most spontaneous, that of watercolor. Develop a sense of light in your paintings as the paper shines through these luminous colors. Learn techniques that bring out the fluidity and luminosity of watercolor while gaining familiarity with a variety of approaches, techniques, compositions, and materials as you complete 4 to 5 paintings.

BEGINNING PAINTING (ACRYLICS AND OILS): You will be able to paint what you see as we move slowly and thoroughly through some simple techniques designed to give you the tools and confidence you need to create your first paintings. Composition, color, line, light, shadow, form and texture will be covered, and you will learn how to work from life, still life, and photographs. No models. Your finished paintings will include a still life painting and a personal choice picture.

PAINTING FROM PHOTOGRAPHS: Move your painting skills to the next level as you work toward fine-tuning your skills and techniques relating to composition and style. Work from your photographs as you learn how to make your paintings more interesting to the viewer, and more detailed by working on larger canvases.

PAINTING IN THE ABSTRACT: Work through a variety of highly effective exercises and activities that spur the imagination and capture new ideas as you paint from your dreams and imagination. In this class, we will explore contemporary painting methods such as abstract, field of color, cubism, expressionism, and conceptual art. Many proven techniques are available to help you get past self-doubts, fears, and other factors that inhibit the creative process. You will produce several completed paintings as you work in a variety of media.

ASSEMBLAGE ART 1: Using collected papers, fabric, fibers, beads, small wooden pieces, and anything that can be glued, wired, or otherwise fastened to a surface, students will create both realistic subject matter as well as non-objective decorative pieces in three dimensional or box forms. Sizes will vary from match box to 8 x 10 pieces. Acrylics, pencil, and crayons may be used for mixed media effects. A gentle way to learn about design and color, this class helps you create unique assemblages using diverse materials.

BEGINNING PASTELS: Come join us in learning a variety techniques using soft pastels and nu-pastels. Enjoy experimenting with various papers to achieve a limitless variety of effects from soft and romantic to bold and dynamic. We will also learn how to combine pastels with other medium such as watercolor or colored pencil. Contact instructor for supply list. A variety of papers will be available for purchase during class. For those of beginning and intermediate level experience.

PAINTING PORTRAITS FROM PHOTOGRAPHS: In this class, you will gain a new perspective of the human face. You will learn to see and paint the subtle differences that make each face unique. Learn to capture the essence of your family and friends and improve your painting skills. Bring photos to work from as you learn tricks of the trade, from old masters to contemporary painters, and become a portrait artist.