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Chasing & Repousse Workshop


The ancient metalsmithing techniques of chasing and repoussé are currently experiencing a rebirth among silversmiths, jewelry designers and other artists of metalwork. During this intensive, hands on workshop students will develop basic to advanced skills in the execution of ornamental chasing and repoussé designs.
They will learn how to chase the design, then raise the relief from the back of the metal, and finally finish the details by chasing on the front.
We will discuss the principles of creating designs for metalwork, safety in the studio, as well as the process of making tools, their different shapes and applications.
All levels welcome.
Valentin Yotkov has taught Chasing and Repoussé for over 30 years. He developed a unique teaching method which allows students to easily understand and learn the technique. More than 1700 students, professional jewelry designers and silversmiths have attended his classes. Among them are members of the Tiffany & Co.'s silverware department
Through carefully designed step-by-step demonstrations and personalized instruction Valentin introduces his students to the magic of sculpting in metal.
Learn more about Chasing and Repoussé at

1. Tools and materials to be supplied by the students,

a) 8” diameter cast iron bowl, filled with Red California pitch, and the supporting rubber donut. The Red

California pitch is available at AllCraft, New York. Tel: 212-279 7077; 1-800-645 7124
(This is also available from other suppliers)
{Please, note: the pitch bowls should be prepared prior to the beginning of the workshop. Provide all students with the enclosed instructions for melting the pitch.}

b) Old hand towel, tracing paper, black graphite paper, clear tape, scissors, pencil, ball point pen, a tube of Chap stick

c) Five pieces of 4”x 4” - 20 gauge copper d) Chasing hammer #30
Eye protection (Mandatory)
f) Note book (recommended)

g) Chasing and repoussé tools if already in your possession*
h) Small juice can or a cup to hold the chasing tools

* Valentin Yotkov will provide sets of chasing tools for students to use during the workshop.


Purchase the Red California Pitch from AllCraft, New York City, AllCraft Tel: 212-279 7077; 1-800-645 7124*

Put the Chasers pitch in a plastic bag, break into small chunks and put the chunks in the cast iron bowl (without the bag).
Set your kitchen oven at 325F. Put the bowl with the pitch on the middle rack of your kitchen oven, over a sheet of aluminum foil. In approximately 30 - 40 min. the pitch will melt. Depending on the actual temperature in your oven, the melting could take a bit longer. Wait until the surface of the pitch becomes smooth and level. Strike the side of the bowl several times with a piece of wood to let the air out of the pitch

Do not overfill. Add more of the chunks if necessary to fill the bowl up to about 1/8” from the top. Avoid any spills on the outside of the bowl.
Do not attempt to handle the hot bowl and pitch. Do not leave the pitch bowl in the oven unattended.

*When Shopping at AllCraft, identify yourself as a student at The Valentin Yotkov Studio, or workshop, for a discount of 10% or more on your purchase. 

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