The Craft Guild of Dallas not only has state of the art studios and equipment, we are proud to have amazing  guest instructors from all across the country, and indeed around the world, come to give expert workshops on techniques that are cutting edge in all disciplines. Listed here are our upcoming guest artist workshops. Grab your spot soon as these workshops are limited and always fill quickly!

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Aja Vaz

Large Softglass Hollow Beads

Students will learn to make very large, soft glass, hollow beads with the use of a 'puffy' mandrel. Tool and supply list will be sent out 30 days prior to workshop. Workshop price is $475.00 but sign up before Aug. 15th and get the Early Bird price of only $450.00! Workshop supply Fee to be determined.

Workshop Fee:  $475.00

Aja’s work is abstract and organic and is a result of thinking upside down and inside out in an effort to harvest her minds view.  The principles of wabi sabi (the acceptance of imperfection) fascinate her and textures that are worn, rough, rusty or patinated inspire her. Aja constantly asks “How can I bring the organic into a piece of glass?” A country girl at heart who was raised in a family of ‘make-do-and-menders’, Aja’s  background influences her work in ways that allow her to do more with less: fewer tools, colors and time. (From 2008 'Bead and Button')

September 15-16 2018, $475.00

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Carlene Reeves

Capturing the Light

Capturing the "Light" with alluring still life subjects and how best to convey the fundamental elements and principles of design. The power of a painting is in the value and color relationships within a specific concept. The main focus will be designing intentional value and color schemes letting the elements and principles guide you through your painting. Value and color schemes will be demonstrated daily. It will be your choice to paint something each day from many still life choices to achieve your own personal style. You will receive plenty of personal attention with daily critiques on your work. My goal is to help you design more exciting value and color concepts that create jewels of paintings! Join in with me in a fun and relaxed environment for three days of exciting painting.

Carlene Reeves has been a student of nature and art all her life. When she moved to Taos New Mexico in the mid 90's she became a student of light and color. She currently lives in Canyon Lake Texas with her husband Ron Rencher, who is also a professional artist. They are planning to build a cabin in Grass Valley Utah next year where Ron has Family land. Reeves canvasses have found audiences locally, and internationally in galleries, and in one person shows in more than thirty prefectures throughout Japan. Using basic tools and principles of fine art, she teaches her students to find their own style and spiritual truth. "Paint what your heart is drawn to" she says. "A painting that captures a meaningful moment in your life will live on in the memory of each one who sees and enjoys it." 

September 12-14, 2018 $350.00

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Andrew Keubeck

Picture in Picture Enameling

This workshop will focus on the creation of enameled jewelry pieces incorporating your own photographs. Combining traditional techniques as well as contemporary approaches including enamel decals; participants will be able to create striking enamel compositions that address the surface of the metal plate, the interior of the enamel as well as the enamel’s surface. These plates will then be turned into jewelry piece(s) using setting and connection techniques.


Andrew Kuebeck received his BFA from Bowling Green State University in 2008 and his MFA in Jewelry Design and Metalsmithing from Indiana University in 2011.  He is an Instructor of Jewelry Design and Metalsmithing at Bowling Green State University in Bowling Green, Ohio.  Andrew works in a variety of formats ranging from functional jewelry to sculptural objects and vessels.

September 28-30 2018, $325.00

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Corina Tettinger

'Desigually' Soft Glass Beads

"Desigually" means that the original beads were based on the fun and colorful designs of the Spanish clothing company DESIGUAL. In beads I recreated some of the patterns with Murrini, Twisties, dots and stringers. Here some examples (The beauty of this design is that you can create a large variety of beads, using the same elements: flat, round, encased - whatever you can think of):

Corina is an internationally known lampworker and instructor who has a wide repertoire of techniques which she freely shares with students. She is author of "Passing the Flame" the "go to book" for learning how to make glass beads. Corina teaches all over the world and has studied with many international glass artists. (From 'Beadcamp Bahamas')

Tuition is $650.00, but if you register and pay in full by January 20th you will pay only $600.00. Supply fee TBD.

March 1-3, 2019, 10am to 6pm,  $600.00 before Jan. 20,

$650.00 after Jan. 20

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Mary Lee Hu

Weaving With Wire

Create depth in your work with the use of twisting, wrapping, looping, knitting and complex braiding to make textured lines, and knitting, soumak, weaving and twining to create flat shapes or hollow forms. Experience in metals is not absolutely necessary.

Hu first became fascinated with metalwork during high school introductory courses. She later explored more work with metals during a summer camp. She went on to attend Miami University in Oxford, Ohio, for two years and then went to Cranbrook Academy of Art in Bloomfield Hills, Michigan to complete her undergraduate degree. During her undergraduate education Hu developed her skills and continued to work with small scale metalwork and jewelry. In 1966 while earning her graduate degree in Metalsmithing from Southern Illinois University in Carbondale, Illinois, Hu studied under renowned metalsmith L. Brent Kington. It was during this time that Hu started to work with fiber inspired techniques after taking a fiber arts course.This led to the development of her signature style of wire wrapped jewelry. Since the late 1960s Hu has developed new techniques in coiling, wrapping, weavingknitting, and twining wire. Her work consists mostly woven wire earrings, rings, bracelets, brooches, and neckpieces that emulate natural forms, movements and symmetry.

February 1-5, 2019, 10am to 5pm, $1150.00  

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